Saturday, May 23, 2009

No kinked tube... scar tissue

I just got out of the hospital a few days ago after a port revision surgery. Originally they had though I had a kinked tube, but it turns out it is not.
Tuesday morning I went to my GP doc and he admitted me to the hospital for severe dehydration. I explained to everyone that i was unable to keep any food down and barely any liquids. I lost 6 pounds in 3 days. My band had gotten so tight that i could eat nothing and I was starving myself to death.
After hours of different doctors (including a neurosurgeon) trying to remove fluid from my band they give up and concede that yes my band was too tight and there was nothing they could do short of a port revision and unkinking the tube. Well after surgery they tell me that there were no kinks in the tubing. Scar tissue had developed around the tubing and had began squeezing the tubing giving it the same effect as if the tubing had been kinked. They removed all the fluid from my band and now i get to start over fresh. I was afraid I would lose my band completely but now i just get fresh start. I gained some weight back but I am still over 100 pounds loss from the original surgery and now I can continue my journey.

I am in a lot of pain, a port revision is way worse than the original surgery! Hopefully I can share more good news with you all later!

Friday, May 15, 2009

OK another OMG!

Ok, Today I am wearing a size 8... ok so maybe its just the certain style of pants but OMG a size 8!!! OMFG. I am so excited!Some of the 10s were a tad big but I never guessed I could fit in the 8. I held them up to me and said no way these will fit but I will buy them for inspiration. Well this mornign I said i wonder how close I am and i pulled them up and then they went on and they fastened and I could breathe! And they are not even obscenely tight! Go figure!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Size 10!!!

OMG, i am fitting comfortably in a size 10! I bought an 8 as well, but havent been brave enough to try them on! I am so excited! It is obvious I am making great progress but why do i feel like I am just not doing enough? I am a success but I still feel like that fat failure i used to be before the band. The statistics show most people with the band don't lose over 60% of their excess weight. As of right now I have lost 73% and I am still losing about 3/4 of a pound to 1 pound a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Why can't I feel successful?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Montage of pics

I have been a little lax posting pics lately or posting anything at all as a matter of fact. I finally reached my 100 pound loss mark and even made it up to 104 pound loss. Yippeee! Size 12s are getting way big now so i am going to hit the store for some 10s soon. Its hard to imagine this time last year I was still in a 26. Anyway here are some pics. I am 167 pounds right now. That is 7 pounds in 6 weeks, so i guess i am still losing at an ok rate. I feel frustrated that it is not going faster but I know I am in the average range of loss per week. When I show people the pictures of me before the surgery they dont even believe that it is the same person. I still struggle with seeing the big fat person I used to be. Do you ever get over that? How long does it take? Everyone says I look good, but all I can see is the bad stuff about me, like the loose skin around my stomach area, thighs and arms. Although that does appear to be getting better and i guess i can hope it will get even better than it is now.

On a positive note... I married the man of my dreams last week and I am so happy! I love my man, he is the most awesome guy in the world and loves me just like I am. He tells me I am perfect like I am and I almost believe him!

More later sometime!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Disappointment & bandiversary

Well today was one year ago i had surgery. I started out at 271.8 and today I am at 174.2, giving me roughly 97 pound weight loss for the year (18 pounds loss prebanding diet not counted in these numbers). I know this is good and I know I should be happy but I am disappointed. I really wanted to have 100 pounds behind me today. I don't know why but I am kinda depressed today. Maybe my body chemistry is off or something. Hormones or something I dunno. Will come back later when i feel better.

Friday, March 20, 2009

5 more pounds, can I do it?

Here is a pic from this week!

I have 5 more pounds to hit the 100 pound weight loss goal I set for my 1 year anniversary of the band. Can I do it by March 24? I have really really stepped up my game trying to do it. I am walking a mile at work and a mile and a half at home every day. I am really trying to eat better as well although I ate a half piece of cheesecake last night! Salad today with some shredded pork loin. YUM. I am going to try an journal my food a little better and maybe that will help!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Long time no visit

I havent been around much, not much to tell. Did talk doctor into a little fill the other day so i have lost a little bit more weight. 28 pounds to go and I will be happy. That will put me at 150. National BMI says I should be 125 but I just can't imagine losing that much. March 24 will be my bandiversary. I need 7 more pounds to hit the 100 pound weight loss by then. Can I do it? Gosh I hope so! I am wearing size 12s comfortably almost a little too big. Won't be long till I get in the 10s. YIPPPEEEE! Will post another update in a few days.